China and Colombia: Towards a Legal Comparison.

China and Colombia: Towards a Legal Comparison.

China and Colombia: Towards a Legal Comparison.

Constitucional Justice and Socio-Economic Rights Judicial Reform. Gender and The Legal Profession International Investment Arbitration

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China and Colombia: Towards a Legal Comparison is the first joint publication by professors at Fudan University Law School (People's Republic of China), and professors at the School of Law at Universidad Externado de Colombia. 

The book, aimed at bringing two distant legal traditions face to face, compiles eight articles on four topics whose global legal relevance is indisputable: (i) Constitutional justice and socio-economic rights; (ii) judicial reform; (iii) gender and the legal profession; and, finally, (iv) international investment arbitration. 

Each topic is analyzed in two articles -one from the Colombian perspective and the other from the Chinese perspective.ln the analysis of both legal scenarios, readers will notice some partial convergences, which do not, however, hide the differences between the two legal orders. 

Nevertheless, the purpose of this book is not to analyze the reasons behind the differences and partial similarities between the two legal scenarios. Indeed, the book's claim, as a first step in a broad-based comparative research project, is less ambitious: the aim was always to provide readers with a series of normative and theoretical reflections and empirical information on the topics under analysis in each legal order. 







Preface        7






I. Constitucional Justice and Socio-Economic Rights




Chapter One


Establishing Constitutional Mechanisms for Socio-Economic Human Rights in a Global Perspective        11


      Yunxin Tu






Chapter Two


The Acción de Tutela and the Enforcement of Socio-Ecomonic Rights: A Matter of Perception?           43


      Diego González Medina – Pablo Moreno-Cruz






II. Judicial Reform






Chapter Three


The New Progress of China’s Judicial Reform        79


        Wei Wang






Chapter Four


Justice Reforms in Colombia: Attempts at Reform and Some Policy Recommendations        97


        Jorge Iván Cuervo






III. Gender and the Legal Professions






Chapter Five


Gender or Embeddedness? A Gender-Based Empirical Study of Legal Professionals’ Preference for Court Mediation in Southwest China        119


          Hao Xiong






Chapter Six


Gender and the Legal Profession in Colombia: Analysis of The State of the Art from a Socio-Legal Perspective            145


       Carolina Vergel Tovar






IV. International Investment Arbitration






Chapter Seven


prc’s Experiences and Lessons in International Investment Arbitrations from the Perspective of the Future of prc-Colombia Investment            183


          Yong Liang






Chapter Eight


Protection of Chinese Investments in Colombia The prc-Colombia bit            235


           Andrés Cárdenas Muñoz

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    • Pablo A. Moreno Cruz

    • Información de autor disponible próximamente.

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    • Lina Muñoz Ávila

    • Directora de los posgrados en Derecho y Gestión Ambiental y profesora principalde la Facultad de Jurisprudencia de la Universidad del Rosario.

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